SavantAA Z enduro – High performance Zeeman graphite furnace analysis

The SavantAA Z enduro sets new standards in high performance Zeeman graphite furnace analysis.

  • Unique Variable Magnetic Field Strength between 0.6 and 1.1 Tesla in 0.1 Tesla increments for maximum precision and sensitivity.
  • Eight-lamp auto turret with auto lamp align for rapid element selection and accurate lamp optimization.
  • Automatic wavelength and choice of 20 slit widths between 0.1 and 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments in both normal and reduced height for ease of operation.
  • Coded Lamp Recognition for both normal hollow cathode lamps and Super Lamps.
  • New 10 Volt Super Lamp capability, fitted standard for one lamp ensures highest sensitivity with low power consumption and low heat output.
    (Optional four lamp supply available.)
  • New Improved design which allows>1400 firings per tube and lower %RSD.
  • Electronic Sample Viewing standard.

OptiMass 9600 – The World’s only SIMULTANEOUS Time of Flight ICP-MS

The OptiMass 9600  ICP-MS is the World’s only SIMULTANEOUS Time of Flight ICP-MS.



  • Full mass range from 1 to 260 amu
  • Octopole collision cell (OCC) with mass independence for interference management during sample analysis
  • Software that brings seamless integration of the OCC into normal TOF analysis
  • Fast and simultaneous multi element analysis
  • Fast screening of unknown samples over the full mass range
  • Improved vacuum system by the inclusion of an extra 260l/s turbo pump to manage the increased gas load of the OCC
  • Better isotope ratio precision and improved detection limits

EMMA (Multi-Materials Analyser)

The Enhanced Multi-Materials Analyzer with Maxi-Capabilities

Available in Theta-2Theta geometry or in Theta-Theta
geometry for high temperature and environmental stages.
Keeps a constant irradiated area with motor-driven auto
Communicates directly via Ethernet TCP/IP over a
managed network or direct connection to PC. Emma
supports either fixed IP address or DHCP.
Supports a wide variety of sample sizes.
The multi-disciplinary capabilities and aordability of
Emma makes it the perfect choice for many industries.